Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Owen Screws It Up for Everyone

It looks like our movie opportunity has been dealt its final blow. Owen Wilson was one of the key "producers" (what they hell does a producer do anyway?) tied to the project, and with his latest "instability" the financial backers have pulled out of anything he was associated with.

I'm sure it's tough being rich, and famous, and living in a BIG house in the Hollywood hills, with lots of chicks, and dope, and weekly invites to the Playboy Mansion. It's probably difficult to accept your own good fortune, when kids in China can't afford a set of curling stones. But why screw it up for all of us? I know it had been a couple weeks since Kate Hudson called, and listening to the Black Crowes makes you think of her getting back with her ex. I know you needed a little public exposure so others could feel your pain. It's no laughing matter, but how could you be so self-centered? A lot of other people's dreams were counting on you. Couldn't you have just got caught in a bathroom with a male escort or something? Don't you think a suicide attempt was a little over the top? Arrogant Hollyweird bastard.

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